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Making The World (Wide Web) A Safer Place

Google announced this week that they are now counting whether your site uses a https secure connection as a ranking factor, and they say that it’s because security on the web is their top priority.

Personally I think this is a great move, because it will make more websites more secure, providing better peace of mind for customers, and broadly giving better protection to website owners.

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Facebook Rolls Out Multi-Product Ads & Enhances Custom Audiences

As part of the ongoing expansion and development of their ad platform, Facebook has rolled out another great new ad format, and they’ve also enhanced their awesome custom audiences feature.

The new ad type is called Multi Product Ads, and as the name suggests, it allows you to advertise multiple products in the same ad unit. The products appear on a carousel, and each product has it’s own image, description and URL target.

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Pinterest Rolls Out New Interactive Follow Button

Pinterest have just announced a brand new version of their ‘Follow’ button which is a great improvement.

The new style button, which is aimed at Pinterest users with a verified business account, is animated and when it’s clicked an overlay pops up with a selection of your most recent pins, and the user can click to follow you straight away without leaving your website.

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The Art & Science Of Content Marketing

I stumbled across this great infographic the other day from Kapost & Salesforce.com which outlines how a successful content marketer needs to tap into both their artistic side in order to convey the emotions and inspire people to take action, and the analytical side in order to ensure that they can fully track and monitor the online viewers behaviour.

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Twitter Rolls Out App Install & Engagement Ads For Everyone

Twitter has been running app install ads in beta with some key partners for a few months, and now they’re going live to the world and rolling it out to all advertisers.

As the name implies, the ads aren’t just about getting an app install, you can also target engagement ads with deep linking that when people click get taken directly into your app and to the content you want to display to them.

This is especially good for say people who have Newsstand applications and want to promote specific pieces of content.

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