Facebook Thumbs UpThere’s a change which is about to hit Facebook that is quite important – they’re modifying the way they rank video, which means that if you’re putting out videos on your FB page you might start to see a decline in traffic and views.

Video is a growth area for Facebook, with FB saying that twice as many people are watching videos on their FB feeds than they were six months ago. So that’s a doubling of video views in half a year – that’s quite impressive.

In the new changes Facebook are now going to take into account not only if a person has watched a video, but crucially how long they watched the video for.

Facebook already takes into account how many likes, shares and comments a video has, and with the new metrics of ‘video watched’ they’re obviously hoping to be able to identify which content is worthy of appearing in a persons newsfeed.

The changes only effect videos uploaded to the Facebook platform, not links to videos hosted elsewhere, and in Facebook’s early tests they’ve said that ranking videos in this way has increased views for content that is relevant to the user, whilst also increasing the number of videos in a user’s newsfeed if they regularly watch videos, and decreasing the number of videos for people who regularly skip over them.

I think this is actually great news for page admins, as it will mean that only compelling videos that people want to watch will get surfaced, and it will hopefully cut out the dross and make people work harder at producing quality content.

As we mentioned in this recent blog post, the new video metrics coming to page insights will become an even more important factor in discovering which pieces of your content are resonating best with your audience.

You can read more about the video ranking changes on Facebook’s Official Blog and if you’re using video as a part of your Facebook page content plan I’d love to hear your experience of how this change has effected you, so please leave a comment and tell us your views.