As part of the ongoing expansion and development of their ad platform, Facebook has rolled out another great new ad format, and they’ve also enhanced their awesome custom audiences feature.

The new ad type is called Multi Product Ads, and as the name suggests, it allows you to advertise multiple products in the same ad unit. The products appear on a carousel, and each product has it’s own image, description and URL target.

Facebook Multi Product Ads

Image Credit: Facebook

This is a great new offering, and Facebook say that during their initial testing with the new ad unit and custom audiences the ecommerce company Nomorerack increased their click thru rate by 42% and decreased their cost per acquisition by between 42% and 45%

The Custom Audience feature is also getting enhanced over the next few weeks to give you a whole lot more control, like people who have visited specific pages, visited specific pages but not other pages, or who haven’t visited in a while:

FB Custom Audiences

Image Credit: Facebook

You will also be able to create custom combinations to tightly segment your custom audience by allowing you to specify criteria to include people if they’ve taken specific actions:

FB Custom Audiences Combos

Image Credit: Facebook

Custom audiences are a killer feature for remarketing and getting your ads put in front of people who you’ve already got a relationship with, and it’ll be really interesting to see if these changes help with increasing returns on Facebook ad spend.